Monday, 30 November 2015

Michael's e-ako Trophies

I was 

Christmas Cloud

I made this cloud on with my Google account using  Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks on my school MacBook Air.
Bells was HUGE!
I looked at surprise and said, "Surprise!"

Read the description below:
Ho Ho Ho!
Good & Bad
Christ was born
Christmas carols
Christmas crackers
December 25th, AD0
The best day of the year
A boy was born, King of all the world
Jesus is now 2013 years old, on 25 December he will be 2014
Happy Christmas and New Year

I felt about  happy :) about my Tagul
I like Tagul about sizes:
1 2 3 4 & 5
My favourite parts were I used Bells font, set it to size 10 and coloured it in grey and I wrote shiny and rotated it 90 degrees clockwise, and I used Carols font and set it to a different font so that it would look pretty.
It was tricky because there were loads of words.

Polar Bears - Finding Information

My reflection
I enjoyed how I learned some facts about polar bears. The fifth fact shows king Ptolemy having one. This is interesting, but not as interesting as some other subjects.

Book Character Parade

Book Character Parade
27 November 2015

I dressed up as Robin Hood. I had a bow and arrow. I did not use them. Mrs Melville was dressed up as Granny from Little Red Riding Hood. Others dressed up. Quinn dressed up as the Frog Prince. Some children in my class dress up as fairy tale characters. I went to the parade outside. Quinn and I got an award for the best book characters in the class. The award was for the best book character. If you are not dressed up as a book character, you cannot get a prize. Last time, Gemma got a prize. I got a prize too. The prize that time was the same prize for the best book characters in school this year. It was an award. Mrs Howard got the award for the best book character as a teacher. I don't remember who she dressed as.

The parade was exciting because I like my character. I felt happy when I received the award. Next year, I don't know if I want to do it again.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Bike Skills

The good news was I could somewhat control the bike myself. But the bad news was I couldn't start very well myself. It was not much good.
I felt happy when riding.

Equivalent Fractions Puzzle

1Choose a piece
2Link another piece
3Watch out for grey spaces
4This will be the problem if you are not careful
5Keep on going until you've connected 24 pieces
6Place the last piece
7Take an image
8Upload on blog
I started with a piece; a piece in the middle. What would be easier is I should have started with an edge or corner.
At last I placed the 4B piece in the crack and Mrs Melville took an image of it. Finally I uploaded it without even getting nettled.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Term 4 Week 6 Blog Recount

Every Tuesday and Thursday, like I, the Dolphins swam.
Every Wednesday and Friday, the Shreks swam.

First, we get changed in the changing sheds, then we splash our feet and practice swimming. Finally, we get free time (3-5min, tyres(favourite), boogie boards, rings, balls) and get changed back into our uniforms. It feels a bit tepid in the water. I liked swimming, but Raj riles (annoys severely) me by cursing which was cruel. 

Sometimes I go swimming with my parents to Lloyd Elsmore. But only twice I went to Waiwera and twice I went to Westwave. 



We were swimming. I enjoyed swimming but I did NOT enjoy if I put my head underwater.
I enjoyed my free time.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


My Reflection
I found everything easy at the point where nothing is hard. It was easy because there were no hard steps and I took myself each step after Charlotte showed me. I knew there were 3d collage, digital collage and classic collage. I am looking forward to finishing my collage, going next week, learning even more etc.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Term 4, Week 5 Bike Skillz

Yesterday our class went to the vast field (not quite plains or prairie, but verdant) to do bike skills. We do bike skills because to help save you. Because you require a helmet, it isn't a bad thing to do unless in hardcore.

I couldn't put on/remove my helmet. Mr. Wright maybe helped.  I rode my bike, but I needed someone to help with the pedals. Once I fell off. When I rode a circle in the field, the whole time Mr. Wright took care of me. Then we took off our helmets, but I couldn't.

I adored it.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Recount: Modern Newborn

The timeline of the baby  is shown below.
Birth of Idea
39.14 wks later
10:45am birth, tiny pain
I went to the hospital (about Galbraith) with my granny. I went to floor 4 and maternity ward 22. Excitement came to me when I saw the baby. Her name was Stella Lily. My mum had held her. She looked like a hairy baby.
1-2pm view 
3-6 Snacks and drawings. Boredom murdered.
8pm return to home, only my dad and I
3 hours of PC time
11:45-12 midnight: Bedtime
12:40-45am visit to Botany
This time my granny had went there.
2:45pm Room 10 maternity
3:00-3:30 I got to hold the baby, but I couldn't because of high friction. I felt it was hard to hold the baby. If I held the baby I would drop her.
3:30-4:15 return to home, only my dad and I
3/11/15 (TODAY)
1-3pm travel home (Mum, Baby)