Thursday, 22 October 2015

Character Description Writing


He has a grimy young face.
His navy blue hair is brushed sideways.
His bowtie is scarlet red with a hidden pearl.
His jacket is red hot.
His eyelids are revolting green.
He has a purple eardrum that scares everybody.

He has an evil smile and evil teeth as sharp as spikes.
He sounds engagingly loud.
He moves only when the ground shakes near him.
He moves rapidly like a cheetah and quietly as a snowflake.
He is only vile to demons who make his temper so much worse every time and scares them.

My Reflection:
I found it fun to describe McRindrox because I like using impressive words.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Term 4 Week 2

19 October 2015
Last Week Recount
Last week, on Friday, I tried to do yarn crafts, but it was too hard for me, so I had to go to the library. I found it hard to sew a pattern. I needed help, but it was still too hard. It may be Mrs. Douglas who took me to the library. I was using one of the computers, but it was a little slow and a little unstable computer. Then it got better. I preferred to be in the library. In the available areas in the library, there were five computers, all Macs. I adored using one of them at the end. I changed the settings so that it would show seconds, use 24-hour time and announce the time in the 15 minutes.

Fact-finding in factual textx

In the second article I chose, I found it really hard to do the Who and When. I found the last one much easier because it was more interesting.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Holiday Report-type Recount

I themed this recount a simple report when I was creating it. I thought it was good, but I replaced the Lorem ipsum text with the text I added in my draft writing book.