Friday, 19 June 2015

My certificate

My Reflection:

I got this award for being amazing in reading.
I am proud of myself!
I felt really happy when I got this certificate.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Balanced argument Living on Mars

I am learning to write a balanced argument.

 Living on Mars is/is not a good idea.
 It would be exciting because on Mars, in the daytime it’s good to live because of the warmth and in the warm places it would be comfy. It might be equally likely to live there.
 But on the other hand it could be too difficult because there isn’t so much life in the frozen cold places in Mars. Possible but not certain times of life; It is likely that Earth is the only planet to have life unlike Mars maybe.
 It would be a good idea but not certain because the yes or no life question on Mars has not been answered. If people live in Mars, they have to find out if there’s life or not. If there’s life, I can go live there. If not, I would have to stay on Earth.
 However it might not be successful because Mars might not have rare life. There may not be enough water. If there’s not enough water in Mars, we would less often live… Maybe we might not be able to live. I think I have to find out if there’s life or not on Mars because I would not be able to know until the answer is known.

I am learning to write a balanced argument: For and Against. I had to write things for and against living on Mars. The hardest thing I had to do is think of things for living on Mars. What I think is I also found the yes or no question very hard because I don't know if there is life on Mars or not.

Monday, 15 June 2015

The Periodic Table: Summarising Edition

I am learning to read, locate and summarise information.
I found out the atomic mass of each element from Wikipedia.
I found out most facts from the website Chem4Kids.
It teaches you about everything you must know about the periodic table of elements.
I learned to put only one single fact in each fact box of the element from the periodic table, but it wasn't quite tricky. It was trickier when I started and had to because I know that only one fact must be put in each box.
I used my own words for the bit I was doing the slides of "What I know."
That was easy for me to do it, because the periodic table is not very hard for me to do. It was interesting for me to do it.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

100 World Challenge

Once upon a time, there was a street with 16970 houses.
One day, one of the houses had 6 people in total.
That house was marked #9194 in May 28, 1789.
So two kids, the male named Kallos, the female named Ferella, two parents, the mother named Lissia, the father named Brelkin, and two grandparents, one named Mark, one named Loma. The great grandparent of Kallos was born in June 16, 1917 and died in March 13, 2002. His name was Merijuant. Loma was born in November 17, 1949. Mark was born in January 8, 1940. Brelkin was born in March 23, 1978. Lissia was born in May 31, 1978. Kallos and Ferella were born in November 14, 2005. The family were named Humbrus Majelli. They were married October 14, 1958.

Created for: (not the words in challenge)
First house in street built: March 15, 1591
Second house in street built: March 24, 1591
Third house in street built: April 8, 1591
Latest house in street built: February 3, 2000

Street built: December 16, 1590