Thursday, 8 December 2016

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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Narrative: The Three Little Pigs (v2)

I was learning to write a narrative about The Three Little Pigs and make a second version on Google Slides. I found it interesting yet difficult to keep within the story. I didn't like having to delete the parts that were actually going to be part of the story, but I realised those parts were not part of the story. I liked changing the narrative into my story.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016


The biosphere is the small portion of the atmosphere where all living things (mushrooms, flowers, trees, cats, dogs, fish, birds etc.) reside. Some trees provide fruit, while a large tree can supply a day's supply of oxygen for four people.
The water tank is for many applications such as drinking.
There are five basic and immediate needs and they are air (need air to breathe, you run short of breath if you work too hard, you can survive up to 15 minutes without air, if you are breathless within over 15 minutes you will not recover, either you get a heart problem or you drown), a shelter (shelters usually neither get so hot you will get hyperthermia nor get so cold you will get hypothermia and eventually you will pass out, you can survive up to a few hours without a shelter), food (fruits and vegetables keep you healthy, you can survive up to a few weeks without any food), water (keep you hydrated, you can survive up to a few days without any drinks) and sleep (headaches begin a day without sleep, memories are impaired three days without sleep and hallucinations ensue and there is a significant loss of attention six days without any sleep).

I have been learning to make biosphere plans on my slideshow and draw the things we need to survive, also the computer was used to search up what the list of five basic and immediate needs are and find out about them. In your mind, you'll have to think of the five needs to survive yourself.
I found drawing the things that we need to survive interesting yet a bit tricky.

Sunken Treasure Chest Net

For the treasure chest net, you need a rectangular prism and a semicylinder.The net for a rectangular prism is two squares and four rectangles.The net for a semicylinder is one rectangle, a little wider rectangle (you need to curve it into the curved side of a semicircle or hemisphere) and two semicircles.
You need the wide side of the rectangular prism and the wide side of the semicylinder about the same length.Then you need cellar tape to connect one wide side of the rectangular prism to one wide side of the semicylinder.
Reflection:It was getting difficult to make it without a protractor, but not so difficult with a protractor. On the other hand, it was really hard to do the tabs.
However, I enjoyed making a paper treasure chest.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Highlights of Term 4

Highlights of EPS Term 4
When I visited Farm Cove, the extremely big school, I was extremely interested in gaming (I could make games like I make projects on Scratch), science (I could test chemistry experiments), technology (I could make electronics but I have to be careful), art (I could find other ways to draw/paint something and make it better) and maths (I could answer complex maths equations).
Farm Cove School also had a vending machine that I will try because the machine contained Up&Go Caramel for $2 during morning tea or lunch, and a hall that features some of the nations such as the United States of America (USA), People's Republic of China (PRC) and other flags that usually remind me of the creations of Elm Park School such as the astronaut project that also featured a few nations of the Cold War space race such as the United States of America, the Union of ☭Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), the United Kingdom (UK) and so on.
I am looking forward to Farm Cove next year.

When I went swimming, I enjoyed even though it was a little cold. I followed all the teachers' instructions and Water Netball. Winning Water Netball was one of the best things.
I enjoyed playing Toilet Flush because I was a tagger every single time I played Toilet Flush. I was pretty fast and tagged people often.

When I heard about the book called Between Two Ends, I was interested in the adventures of Yeats, the twelve-year-old boy who was warned about mysteries, especially dangerous mysteries but had to venture through the mysteries and save Shaharazad and Yeats' family. I found it a mysterious story of danger that Yeats had to get over.  I found the end of Between Two Ends satisfying.

I was learning to write all about the highlights of Term 4 of Year 6, especially Farm Cove, a school bigger than Elm Park, and I am looking forward to Farm Cove next year (2017) It was neither easy nor hard to highlight the events.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

John's Floral Story | Ballad

I was learning how to write a ballad (poem that tells a story, the second and fourth lines rhyme (abcb), there are four lines in a stanza) I followed the whole success criteria and didn't break a single ru-le