Wednesday, 16 November 2016


The biosphere is the small portion of the atmosphere where all living things (mushrooms, flowers, trees, cats, dogs, fish, birds etc.) reside. Some trees provide fruit, while a large tree can supply a day's supply of oxygen for four people.
The water tank is for many applications such as drinking.
There are five basic and immediate needs and they are air (need air to breathe, you run short of breath if you work too hard, you can survive up to 15 minutes without air, if you are breathless within over 15 minutes you will not recover, either you get a heart problem or you drown), a shelter (shelters usually neither get so hot you will get hyperthermia nor get so cold you will get hypothermia and eventually you will pass out, you can survive up to a few hours without a shelter), food (fruits and vegetables keep you healthy, you can survive up to a few weeks without any food), water (keep you hydrated, you can survive up to a few days without any drinks) and sleep (headaches begin a day without sleep, memories are impaired three days without sleep and hallucinations ensue and there is a significant loss of attention six days without any sleep).

I have been learning to make biosphere plans on my slideshow and draw the things we need to survive, also the computer was used to search up what the list of five basic and immediate needs are and find out about them. In your mind, you'll have to think of the five needs to survive yourself.
I found drawing the things that we need to survive interesting yet a bit tricky.

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