Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Diary post (Term 1 Week 10) (pixel art)

Since the 1st of April, I have done pixel art I can even do at home.
I needed to create a spreadsheet and resize its columns to about the same size as a square.
When I go to Google Images and search for pixel art, I need to locate the pixels carefully that resemble the sprite.
I have shared this spreadsheet with about 42 people, including my cousins, who I shared the spreadsheet with first.
Teryn held the first comment and approved this spreadsheet.
I held the second comment which tells you about the sprites I added.
Quinn held the third comment which was a reply to me and a request to do a Sonic the Hedgehog sprite which I have paused, even though Teryn had the original comment.
If the spreadsheet is shared with you, you can comment on the spreadsheet but you cannot edit unless you ask permission.
We are doing pixel art on a spreadsheet in Room 20 due to the similarity of the grid portraits and the similarity of doing pixel art on a bitmap painting program, such as Microsoft Paint.
I think pixel art would be inspiring for teachers.
We will be making blog backgrounds using pixel art.