Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Week 8 Term 1

Ön Monday I was sick.
Ön Tuesday I did Mathletics. I saw the games by myself:

Ghost House
Granny Crunch
Ice Cream
Pattern Magic
Venn's Diagram
and more

I liked Venn's Diagram and Ghost House and Pattern Magic best.
They were easy for some people and difficult for other people. They were easy for me. Next time I would try something harder like I-Scream Lady and Mind Twister and more games. 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

T1 W6

Last Week
Last week I played Mathletics: Ghost House Minigame.
I played by myself and it used addition, subtraction, times tables and division.
It was easy. The green ghosts add points to your score. The red ones subtract points from your score. The blue ones multiply points to your score. The violet ones divide points from your score. Get the required number of points to get a key! Get three keys and escape. if there is a remainder you either lose a key or type the remainder.
I need to try harder games because I need more challenges.